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This is the first sketchful that I made, it’s an animated motion with different speed varies from 0.25x-16x. I recommend you to watch this sketchfu at 2x speed (click the left arrow at the bottow of the box)

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Eclipse!!!… no, not really 🙂 Just a fun animation, not for any educational purposes!!

I think playing with sketchfu is really enjoyable, it’s easy to use, you can make a cool animated drawing with several clicks in a short time! Give it a try..

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This is so cool 🙂 But you know if you out it on your widgets it will stay on here. Just sayinq 🙂

Thanks for your comment! But I don’t really get what you’re trying to say…??

Hi did your teacher make you do the sketchfu thing, because ours did.
i just thought that was weird, well keep up the good work and keep blogging, and visit my site please C:

oh and by the way i like your drawing thing

No, my teacher didn’t make us do it. I was just visiting some other blogs, and saw this sketchfu is pretty cool, so I gave it a try! And yep, it’s really weird to make students do an entertainment – but do you enjoy it?

Thanks for your comment!! Appreciate it

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