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Everyone learned things out of school, and so am I. Basically, I learned how to walk with my parents before I went to kindergarten. When I get a little bigger, I learned how to ride a bicycle, practicing in the empty, small street near my house with my brother and a person who watched us out for cars. But I don’t use bicycle much recently because most of the places I goes to are very far and my parents wont’ allow me to use bicycle for safety. And the most significant thing that I learned was morals and human nature from the experiences and social life that I went through (out of school). This is the most important one because it helps me to have a better social life, become an honorable person, knowing how to treat people the right way, and also can avoid being hate by others (around us).

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This post is for Challenge 6 in the March 2011 challenge.

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Hi, My name is Mrs. Beth Gentrup and I am your visiting blog teacher for Edublogs. I teach in Norfolk, Nebrask in the USA. I have 7th & 8th grade student that I work with on technology. I enjoyed reading your blog . It is so true what you wrote about the things we learn outside of school. Life experiences do shape us! Continue the good work !

Thank you for your comment!!

Like your post Kathy

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